Success…Recreational Boating does exist here at Palmer.

12 Feb

After one attempt to go Rec boating failed, I was determined not to give up.  On a nice Sunday morning in November (yes, I am bit slow in posting), the weather decided to cooperate and we decided to take our chances for Attempt #2.

We packed our bags and headed out.   We were headed out to Torgeson Island.  There was no ice in view and even though the sky was full of clouds, we were hoping for a nice day. 

We took off and made it past the pier, farther than Attempt #1.  It felt amazing to be on the zodiac in open water.  Such a feeling of freedom came upon me.  I was excited to be heading out.  It felt like such a treat.  One of those treats you only get when you are on vacation. 

We landed at Torgeson, parked, and headed on the Island to start exploring.  Torgeson Island is known to be one of the larger colonies for the adelie penguins.  During this time of the year, they are starting to mate and build their nests.  We we fortunate enough to see some amazing things today.

After exploring Torgeson, we headed to Loud Water Cove.  This is not an area we can land, but just zip around and explore.  We saw some amazing parts to the Marr Ice Piedment as well as some bergie bits floating in the area.

Check out this slideshow to view some of the awesome sights today’s adventures on Torgeson:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a pretty amazing and unforgetable day.


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