Views around town

18 Jan

It’s very easy to get caught up in the drama and truama of everyday life down here.  One way that I like to stay grounded is to capture the daily views and try to remember the beauty and awe of this place.

Here are  few shots that have helped keep me sane…

Sunset view from the Galley on October 4th.

Another sunset view from the Galley on November of the more clear days this season. An extremely windy day as seen from the balcony of the GWR (Garage, Warehouse, and Recreation) Building. Not a pretty sight, unless you are inside.

A clear day in November with a nice view of the Wiencke Island mountain range.

Another nice November sunset.

From the backyard, watching the sun set behind the station.

A view of a small portion of the Marr Ice Piedmont as seen from the Hero Inlet side of the backyard.

Watching the sun set from inside the Rec Hut. Toregeson Island is in clear view as you watch the sun set from the hut.

Another view of the Wiencke Island mountain range as seen from the boardwalk between the Bio Lab Building and the GWR Building.

A cool looking bergie bit floating right outside my window in Arthur Harbor.

Another view of Arthur Harbor and the Marr Ice Piedmont. The water was very calm this day in November and the sun was shining.

While waiting on the pier to head out to a cruise ship, I saw some wildlife playing by the rocks.

This Gentoo penuin knew I was there, but didn't want to turn all the way around to pose for the photo. I think he was preoccupied tanning.

Lastly, a sunset over Wiencke Island.

So there are a great deal of the sun setting and the beautiful scenery around the station.  It’s these shots that help me get through the bad days.

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