11 Jan

It’s rather difficult to put into words how Palmerites celebrate holidays here, so I will do so with photos.  In this case, a picture IS really worth 1000 words.

Halloween eve started with cocktails:

Goblin Mimosas and Vampire Blood...a great way to start a meal.

Don’t forget eyeballs (peanut butter balls dipped in white chocolate) to spice up your evening.

We moved onto the Bar/Lounge:

This one wasn't so lucky. He's left on the next ship heading North.

Some highlights of the cast of characters:

The disgustingly cute couple dressed in homemade outfits sewn together out of old float coats.

Kerry, our Admin, as a vibrant and vivacious 70's Go-Go girl with Mark, our Instrument Tech as the Sexy Sax Man (a character from a WHAM YouTube video). They were quite the pair.

Susie, our current doc, playing the role of the 'crazy doc' from a previous season at Palmer.

Judy, as Robin (from Batman and Robin) with Kris, one of our Waste Tech's, dressed up as Hazardous Waste. You can't tell from the back, but he was pretty gross.

Rex and Kim in their costume of a plug and outlet. When they were 'put together' they both lite up. It was great!

Another guy that didn't make it. At this rate, I won't be cooking for too many folks.


This one was great...Luke, one of the grantees, was Ramen Noodles. He even had his own 'spice packet.'

Not a face shot of Zena, another grantee, but it's a good shot of her costume, the Lawrence M. Gould (the vessel that brings us to and from Chile). She made it completely from scratch. Look at that details.

Zee, one of our regulars that's been in the program for many years, dressed up as a construction worker. It's not a far stretch from her normal work clothing.

Michaela, one of our trade apprentices, made this mask out of paper mache. Scarry and cool at the same time.

One of our Comms folks, Ric, played The Sultan for the evening. It's the turquoise sash that makes the outfit.

It was a great night of costumes, dancing, and adult beverages.  Now the holiday season has officially begun.


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