Walking in the Backyard

1 Dec

We have the fortunate pleasure of being right along the open water, but also have a great playground in our backyard.  Behind station and before you get to the Marr Ice Piedmont, there is a rocky playground to explore and walk around.  On a nice day after work or on a day off, it’s a nice little getaway. 

The first real Sunday after my first real Saturday night, I took the opportunity to explore the backyard (that’s really what it’s called around here).

The walk started with this sight...PENGUIN TRACKS! How amazing to know that I was walking in the same area as the wildlife!

Here is some perspective on how big the penguin feet are. My boot size is an 8 1/2.

A few steps into the backyard and you could easily see how much snow covered the area.


The backyard...


One one side of the backyard, you face the Arthur Harbour part of the Marr Ice Piedmont.


A closer view of the piedmont. It's truly breathtaking. I am so very fortunate that I get the pleasure of seeing this every day!


On the Arthur Harbour side, there is a Recreation Hut that you can reserve. It was made by one of our carpenters a few seasons back. On the left side of the small building, there is a very large window that overlooks the harbour and has great views of the sunset and sunrise. It's a great little get away.


On the other side of the backyard, you have views of the base of the piedmont and the Wiencke Mountain Range in the distance.


When the clouds start setting, you can see this really cool sliver of the Wiencke Mountain Range to our south. It's almost like looking through a really thin and skinny viewfinder.

Near Hero Inlet and below the piedmont, there is this cavernous opening. It's really amazing.

Sunset sets in and the walk back to station begins...

It's a beautiful sight to see the sun setting with local wildlife flying around Bonaparte Point.

I am still learning how best to use my camera, but I was able to capture a photo of the horizon with the moon in the sky during sunset. That dot of white in the top righthand corner is not a smudge. It’s the moon.  Click on the photo to see a better view.
After walking in the backyard, I am in awe of this magnificent and remarkable continent I have the good fortune to be on.  I wish you could be here to see this.  Photos can not do justice.

One Response to “Walking in the Backyard”

  1. Cousin Karen December 2, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Hi Marci…

    Hope all continues to be well…have something to send…how does that get accomplished?


    Cuz Karen

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