My First Saturday Night

1 Dec
We arrived on September 18th and I feel the first week and a half was really a blur.  I worked and felt I was busy, but can’t really recall doing much else.  It was a time of adjustment; to life on land again, a new job, a new room, a new roommate, a new station, and a new life. 


The first Saturday after that was my first ‘real’ Saturday night.  Unlike my previous job, I didn’t have to work on Sunday, so I could enjoy the evening along with the community.  It was a strange feeling, but I embraced it.


After work, I showered and got all doled up (okay, not really all doled up, but at least washed my hair and put on clean clothes).  I moseyed up to the bar/lounge and enjoyed some adult beverages.  It was nice and relaxing and a great opportunity to mingle with my new friends. 


I also decided to bring out Barbie.  Why shouldn’t she get a night out, too?  As I had alluded to before, she met a friend down here, Reporter Barbie; owned by on the of the other supervisors. 

The girls had a great night getting acquainted.

The girls checked out the scenery from a Guinness beer can biplane.

Reporter Barbie was not necessarily dressed appropriately for riding a biplane.


The two Barbie's hung out in the bar, actually on the shelves for the glasses. They had a great view of all that was going on.


Reporter Barbie headed in for the night and Barbie decided to do a shot and play some cards. She really won big with that card!

The night was a hit.  I was able to introduce Barbie to a new friend and enjoy my Saturday night out.  Who knows what next Saturday night will bring?

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