Catch up…

1 Dec

Since it’s been WAY TOO LONG since I posted about my adventures, I have decided that I will post some photos with good captions to bring you up to date. 

Here we go…I’ll start by introducing my bedroom:

Welcome to my room... Bio Building, Room 201. Each room has a bird painted on the door. My bird is the Adelie Penguin. It really does help in finding your room.


My new bed. Don't you just LOVE the green sheets? And you can see that Barbie has found a friend. We'll talk about that one later.


My closet, colorful and packed.

Our shared desk. It's very small, cramped, and in a really bad location; right as you open the door. Great planning, right?

The view out my window. I get the pleasure of seeing the open water (very cool) and the glacier remnant off near Old Palmer (where the original station was located).

 Stay tuned for additional posts with the tour of the station.  Coming Soon…


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