Bonaparte Point

1 Dec

Shortly after arriving on station, we were reminded that as of October 1st, there are restrictions regarding where we can hike and what islands we can go to.  These restrictions are created to help protect the wildlife as their breeding season can begin around that time.

The weather had been poopy most of the first week and a half, but on September 30th, there was a break and we finally had a nice day.  I joined some of my cohorts and we ventured out to Bonaparte Point. 

Bonaparte Point is located at the tip of a peninsula that is just south of Palmer Station.  You walk up and over the Marr Ice Piedmont (the big glacier-type thing in our backyard) that crosses Hero Inlet and Kristie Cove and then you are on the peninsula.  It’s a lovely walk and you can see amazing views (on a clear day). 

As we began our walk, I was extremely overdressed and nervous about my first hike here.  We strapped on our snow shoes (another first for me) and headed on our way.  It too some adjustment to learn to walk on ice in snow shoes.  I only fell once.   

Walking up the Piedmont was a good, but brief workout.  It certainly gets your heart rate up.  And as we continued walking, the views were so nice, I forgot about taking photos. 

We got to the peninsula and then the clouds started rolling in.  There was still amazing views and it was still an incredible opportunity to be  in this area.  

The view of Palmer Station from Bonaparte Point with the Marr Ice Piedmont in the backdrop.


Looking over the snow-covered Hero Inlet at the Marr Ice Piedmont. This is our backyard. It gives a whole new meaning to 'go play in the backyard.


As we walked back, this was the view of Palmer Station with the sun setting.

As we finished up our hike, I thought back three years ago to my first hike at McMurdo Station.  In reflection, I have had some amazing opportunities and seen some unbelievable sights.   I think I am in for another wonderful experience in Antarctica. 

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