How do you MAAG?

18 Jan

Every year in MacTown, a group of folks put on MAAG, the McMurdo Alternative Arts Gallery.  It’s an opportunity for community members to share their creative side and show off their talents. 

This year, one of my friends decided to invite the ‘Women of Antarctica’ to show off their glamor within their work centers.  This was a project done several years ago that showcases the many talents of the Women of Antarctica as well as their classy side. 

We were given the opportunity to get all dolled up (classy attire, a fancy updo, and makeup).  Since I felt I had been significantly out of practice in that area, I made an appointment with the local salon (yes, we really do have one) for hair and makeup.  Ildy, whose been coming down here for three seasons now, did a fabulous job.  She was able to take my unruly curls and make them cooperate until they were straight.  She made me feel like a princess.  She carefully applied makeup to accentuate my natural beauty and  I borrowed some unique clothing (a gold lamay top, black knee high boots with heels) and headed to the kitchen.

I strongly encouraged (had to beg and plead) a coworker to join me in this endeavor and she got all dolled up too.  We arranged to have our friend and coworker Davie (he conveniently was a great photographer) take all the photos.   

The project was intended to highlight our femininity as well as our strong work ethic and various talents in our jobs.  I knew this would be challenging in heels in the kitchen.   Those knee high boots were not kitchen approved and not slip resistent.   

Some of the highlights:

This was the amazing updo that Ildy created.

Grabbing a can...a rather common task I do multiple times a day while cooking for 1200 people plus, it accentuates the artwork that was my hair. I even have a tiny little braid on the side.

At the bread slicer with a fresh loaf...not a task I do often, but it showed off the full outfit. Can you see the boots?

Cooking pizza in our deck ovens...another task I don't usually partake in, but it looked cool, right?

A women with her power tools! This is one of the larger hand held immersion blenders we use for mixing or pureeing liquids. It makes me feel POWERFUL!


This look represents how absurd the amount of beef is that we have served this year. This year has been identified as 'The Year of the Cow.'


My friend and awesome coworker Jen, our Food Service Senior Admin, is showing off some of her daily duties. Jen makes filing exciting with her vibrant neon pink tights and silver garland sash.

Copying…another daily duty she makes fun.  She is intimately close with Cecilia (the copy machine that can often be a smidge temperamental).

This is how Jen really feels about all of the paperwork she has to deal with. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could do that with paperwork?

The photo shoot was a blast.  Jen, Davie, and I had a great time playing around the kitchen with different poses, props, and scenery.  Davie did an amazing job trying to create the best photos.  Who would have thought you could have so much fun all dressed up and no where to go but the kitchen?

These photos plus another 40 were submitted and turned into a slide show that was shown at MAAG.  It was very well recieved by the community and it was an amazing demonstration of The Women of Antarctica.


3 Responses to “How do you MAAG?”

  1. Teddy January 22, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Great photos – looks like you really had fun!

  2. Sharon Kissell June 2, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Marci – you look absolutely beautiful!! How fun to get all dolled up 🙂 This is the first time I’m seeing these pics since I’m on my old laptop which we thought was fried and couldn’t get any info off the harddrive but them magically appeared to work one day after we replaced it. Anyway, how are you? Are you doing, I believe, a 3rd tour of duty in Antarctica? You seem to enjoy it. Drop me an email sometime …


    • marcilevine October 10, 2011 at 1:53 am #

      Thanks Sharon. I am glad you get to enjoy my adventures. I wish you could see it for yourself.
      I am doing well down here for the fourth time. I can’t believe it!

      How are you doing?

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