Friday Night Movie Club

17 Jan

I often find that the best parts of my time down here are spent with the amazing people I get the privilage to work and live with.  In an attempt to fill our time outside of work, we gather to eat, drink and be merry.  As late November rolled around, a small group gathered in my room to just ‘chill-out.’  Our intentions were to watch The Wizard of Oz since there were a few folks in the group that had not yet seen it.  (I know…shocking, right! )  I am not sure how that fact became known, but we went with it. 

The tape (yes, an actual VHS) was secured and a date was set.  We met on a Friday night with a small crowd and enjoyed the amazement and wonder that is The Wizard of Oz.  We even encouraged costumes. 

Kevin, dressed as the Good Witch & Jen, dressed as the Wicked Witch. They are such a cute couple and with handmade costumes, too!

Besides the costumes, the best parts of the night included anaylzing the movie.  We came up with questions like, how did someone create the horse of a different color?  Were any animals harmed in the making of this movie?  Is The Wizard of Oz a movie or a musical?  When did this movie originally come out?  And was it always filmed in technicolor? Why flying monkey’s?  And the list goes on and on.  Yes, adult beverages were consumed, but it was all in good fun.

Since we all had a blast watching the movie, chatting, and snacking, we decided to start the Friday Night Movie Club (FNMC).  We would meet on Friday evenings; watch movies, and enjoy snacks and beverages (adult or otherwise).

We picked a classic for the second meeting; Forrest Gump.  You’d be amazed how sad that movie is.  We all thought about what costumes we would come dressed as like Forrest at different ages, Jenny at different ages, etc..  Not as exciting as The Wizard, but it made us think about how fortunate we all are and what things we have in life to be grateful for.

It came time for the third meeting of the club and our initial intent of classic movie watching slowly shifted.  Our plan was to watch Illuminata, a movie that comes highly recommended from a FNMC participant.  Illuminata is an independent film directed by John Turturro about a resident playright that offers his play to a struggling theater with an eccentric cast.  Prior to starting the movie, we started with light hors d’ouvres and wine.

Fruit and cheeses tempted our taste buds.

And only the finest of sweet and salty treats.

As we continued to consume the food and wine, we started to conversate about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  Well, maybe we didn’t get that deep, but the conversation was flowing. 

Before moving onto the main event, I wanted to capture our experience, so I started taking photos.  Who would have thought this would provide so much entertainment.   There were only six of us, but it took us quite a while to finally get all of us in the photo and smiling.  Here are a few of the examples:

This is the start of the photo fun...not everyone was looking their best (or so I thought).

This was take #6 and I think they were getting a little unhappy...can you tell?

Take #10 and no signs of improvement. There was however, a great deal of laughter with each picture taken!

And the best part was everyone’s great idea to use my camera’s self timer and jump on top of the group for a complete group photo.

As you can see, I was able to jump, but did so a bit too far so my head was out of view.

One more try…

An even worse photo, but oh so much fun trying to make it work!

At this point, we took a few more photos, but our bellies hurt so much from laughing that it was time to put down the camera and move on.

Our next activity involved Maria’s trumpet (this was not on the agenda, but a great idea).  Maria is taking lessons from a local McMurdian and just starting to learn how to play.  She gave us each a chance to try it out.  Jen tried first.   

She was a natural.

It was much harder than it looks.  We concluded with Maria serenading some military folks out the window.

What a sight...Maria, the polished trumpet, the Ice Pier, and the Dry Valleys.

After all this, we decided to start the movie.  Unfortunately, we only made it about a half an hour until we were all exhausted and started falling asleep.  We called it a night and decided to watch the rest of Illuminata another night.

It’s been several weeks now and we still gather on Friday nights to eat, drink, and be merry.  We haven’t watched another movie yet, but always talk about it.  We’ve even made our list of movies we’d like to watch.  Maybe one of these weeks we’ll run out of things to talk about and have to watch a movie?


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  1. Susan March 14, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    Hey Marci,
    I happened upon this by accident. Your blog is really cool. You look great by the way.

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