The Provacative Dining Attendent

1 Dec

As I have eluded to multiple times in this blog, the community members of McMurdo know how to party.  It’s a sport down here.  So much so that for any holiday or special event, the town gets all dolled up and parties til the cows come home (or the alcohol runs out).

Right on schedule, McMurdo held it’s annual Halloween Party the end of October, complete with a costume contest, adult beverages, and lots of men in drag.   It was a wild experience. 

In the true spirit of Halloween, I decided to dress up and atted the party. 

I can’t take credit for my costume, but I decided that I would dress up as a provacative DA (dining attendant) and my ‘date’ would be a fire fighter.  The reason why this costume is so brilliant is that every year, atleast one DA develops some sort of relationship with a fire fighter.  Some years, it’s multiple DA’s doing this.  Other years it ‘s just a few.  This information is a very well known fact within the DA world, the firehouse, as well as around town.  As the executive chef, to show my full support of the folks that help make this station run (the DA’s), I thought it would be fitting to be the provacative DA.  My fire fighter ‘date’ was Jessica, a lead DA that is friendly with some of the fire fighters.  How fitting!

We prepared our costumes prior to the party and had a blast putting ourselves together.  We utilized resources from a few different areas (the craft room, friends, fire fighters, fellow DA’s, and Skua (the free Goodwill of McMurdo)).

This the result of our efforts:

Jessica, Andre (one of the real Lieutenant fire fighters down here), and I

The costume came out great.  I took the blue shirt and chef pants and ripped and cut accordingly.  I showed a great deal of clevage, leg, and miscellaneous skin that had yet to be revealed in public down here.  I felt VERY exposed all night.  I had a pimped out pair of safety goggles (they had a multitude of colored beads glued on), several ‘use first’ stickers (used in the kitchen to help with stock rotation),  a temporary tatoo on my breast that said ‘Love Kills Slowly,’ more makeup than I am used to or comfortable wearing, argyle socks, and nonslip safety shoes.  

Walking to the party was a chilling experience as I was a bit bare in some areas.  I was grateful that the location of the party was not too far away.  As I entered the party and removed my coat, I received some wide eyed looks and some shocked faces.  Many of my staff were suprised at my attire in comparision to the big white chef coat and black chef pants that hide 98% of my skin on a daily basis.

Shortly, I became more cozy and comfortable (without the help of alcohol like others around me) and the fun began. 

Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

Tyler and Rachel; Tyler didn't wear a costume and Rachel was a ice pioneer. A picture is worth 1000 words (or maybe more in this case!).

Davie, the current DA supervisor, came dressed as a DA that had committed suicide.  Maria came as a gayngel (a gay angel).  Lisa was a lush lush.  And Gavin (aka Richard Gere because he looks JUST like him) came as PPE (personal protective equipment) wearing an apron for washing dishes, dish gloves, safety goggles, and underwear.  Notice the nice message on his hat (Safe is not funny.  It’s sexy.)  What a crew I work with!

Davie, Maria, Lisa, and Gavin were the first to welcome us to the party. Word's can express the number of things going thru my head when I see this photo.

Gracie, another dining attendant. Not exactly sure her costume, but it's creative and unique and she can ROCK it!

Brian, one of our fabulous bakers, dressed up as a South Pole Polar Bear (Note: Polar Bears are only found at the North Pole, not down here) and Jen, our Food Service Admin, dressed as an obnoxious American tourist.

Gemma, another amazing baker, dressed as the devil (I think?).

My friends from my first year Rachel and Katie. Rachel dressed as Gumby and Katie was a bar wench. Both costumes are not far from their true selves, according to them. : )

Tyler, one of my cooks, dressed as one of the characters from Where The Wild Things Are. Isn't he cute?

Kristen and I, both dressed and ready to PARTY!

Jess and Larry Fabulous (yes, that's his real last name). Larry was one of the Lady Gaga characters and dressed in caution tape (and that's it!).

Wesley, another DA, and I. He was dressed up as Observation Hill, the closest hill we climb to see beautiful views of the neighborhood. He won the costume contest for the most creative.

Lou, one of my sous chefs, has had a thing for me for awhile. What can I say...?

Jess with Russell and Chris. We have some creative and unique DA's this year!

Oh the PAIN of working with these folks. Jess was slowly being strangled by one of our infamous bakers, Brian. Look at how happy he is to be doing this.


Cara (dressed as the Magic 8 Ball) and I catching up on the latest smack talk (AKA McMurdo gossip).

Jess with a new friend (not quite sure his name or his costume, but he was nice and friendly (or just drunk).

Even the Hamburgler could make it to the party!


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