We all need a reason to have a party!

3 Nov

Because I could, I reserved Hut 10 (the little house that the Distinguished Visitors stay at).  I had taken a 1/2 day and had the next day off.  It was the perfect setup for a great party.

I was able to procure some gourmet goodies from the kitchen and whipped up a great spread of fresh and dried fruits, cheeses, nuts and seeds, fresh guacamole and salsa, freshly roasted garlic, and an assortment of fresh baked cookies.  I know it may seem like an odd combination of goodies, but it was what was available and what sounded good.

Just D'lish!

I invited my peeps and enticed them to come and ‘chill-out.’  There was an amazing turnout with food service folks as well as other community members.  We ate, drank, and were merry until the week hours.  Also adding to the entertainment was a great package I received from a dear friend in upstate NY with stress releiving activies like MadLibs, a punchball, a paddle ball, a coloring book, Mr. Potato Head, a few other tricks.

Some of mynew and old friends:

Chris, Russell, and Jessica are a triple threat. Watch out McMurdo!

Katie and John are also a dangerous pair...look at those mischevious eyes!

Chris (again), Leon and Kelsey

Dan and Jessica. No, she's not THAT drunk. She's just a happy one.

Jen (center) and Linda with yours truly. We've all made it three seasons so far. Who knows what's next?

Peggy and Anne (who've been down here for years)...they are just so cute!

They night got the better of Lisa and Gavin.

From the bay window at Hut 10, I was watching the scenery towards the end of the night. The views are spectacular and awe inspiring.

It was a great evening spent with great food and great converstaion.   Although Antarctica is a harsh place, it’s night like this night that make it really worth it.


One Response to “We all need a reason to have a party!”

  1. ivy bufferd January 12, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    hi marci,
    what a treat sharing your on ice experiences-looks like you are really enjoying everything in anti-artica (a la pop-pop). we had one day/night recently w/o heat due to a broken furnace & i thought i was gonna freeze to death & here you are living & loving frigid weather. pretty impressive & amazing. continue to enjoy everything & keep the blog coming. (your mom actually sent it to us today) miss & love you, aunt ivy & uncle stuart XOXO

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