The Pressue Builds…

3 Nov

Even though it’s my third season down here, I continue to find joy in the little things that make this place so special and unique. 

The day following my Hut 10 party, I had the opportunity to visit the Pressure Ridges near Scott Base (New Zealand base a few miles down the road) with the Recreation and Wellness staff.  We went out there with the Search And Rescue Team (SAR Team) to learn about the dangers and safety issues of taking tours there. 

A pressure ridge is a long ridge or crack in the ice that occurs when the open water pushes the sea ice against land.  The pressure below the ice builds and finds a crack or weak spot to release this pressure.  This pushes the weak spot up creating unique formations of ice.

This is a tour I have gone on already in previous seasons, but this time with the SAR team, we talked about the extreme dangers and the possible life threatening scenarios that could occur.  I walked a bit more gingerly and payed a great deal more attention to every step. 

Even though I was very cautious, I was able to snap some great photos.

It's all natural, but it has a remarkable similarity to the Playboy bunny ears, right?

It's just amazing that this happens.

An unexpected guest met us along the way. I think he was busy working on staying fat and happy. Oh the life of a seal!

He was smiling for the camera.

I told him a joke that apparently he didn't like.

Even though we were mesmerized by the seal, we couldn't forget the pressure ridges. This one was over 25 feet tall.

As we started to walk away and he begged us for more photos.

Then we all took turns posing with our new friend.

And our tour came to an end with a great view of the pressure ridges with Scott Base in the background.

This is why all work and no play makes Marci a dull girl.  I was a happy camper for the next few days.

Happy Marci (a little cold too!).


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