Saying Goodbye to the Sunset

3 Nov

The last sunset was set to take place on October 23rd at 053am. 

To celebrate, a group of us were planning to hike up Observation Hill.  From 800 feet up, we were sure to see a beautiful view of the final sunset for the next four months.  The weather was cold, windy, and cloudy, so we decided on a shorter hike to Hut Point.  We also felt that our celebration needed to include fresh fruit, another luxury that is not always availabe down here.  So, we each grabbed a piece of fruit prior to leaving.

We had a nice jaunt getting there.  We arrived early and waited anxiously to see if the coulds were break and show us a little sun.

This was the view we had:

A little too cloudy to see the sun setting for it's final time.

While we waited a little longer, we each took pleasure in enjoying our fresh fruit.  I didn’t realize that an apple could be so cold and crisp!

To wrap up our adventures at Hut Point and witnessing the last sunset (or so we thought), we took a group photo.

Another motely crew! (Some decided to shave mohawks prior to our celebratory hike and were very excited to experience their new look.)

A spectacular view from the top of Hut Point facing Arrival Heights (an area south of town that is not available for hiking due the Antarctic Treaty, but beautiful not the less).

We headed back to town, but not before stopping to make snow angels in the freshly fallen snow.  You have to take advantage of all that this place has to offer, no matter what time of day or where you are.

And angel making an angel. We love our Lisa, mohawk and all!


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