Moving on up…JUST KIDDING!!!

3 Nov

As I may or may not have implied in previous entries, the population this season is going to explode to over 1300 people (although the capacity is about 1100).  Yes, if you do the math, things don’t add up. 

This means a few things for yours truly;  (1) we will be serving a great deal more people and much more food, (2) we will have more community members to attempt at pleasing and keeping well fed, and (3), we don’t have enough beds/rooms to accomodate that many folks.

In an attempt to rectify this crazy cluster of a situation, the housing office has given those of us living in building 2-0-Fun the option of having a third roommate (you can imagine my feelings about that) or moving to another building.

Linda and I chose option number two, move to another building.  We lost our spacious, well decorated penthouse suite in 2-0-Fun and moved all of our belongings back to the building we were in last year, 203B.  We didn’t get the big corner room, but we got the one next to it.  We still have an awesome view and we are finally settled and have made our house into a home. 

During the moving process, we did have one loss that is noteworthy and worth sharing. 

Since arriving two seasons ago, I have had my big grey exercise ball.  It’s a nice accent to our other decor; it is a great seat, and an even better ottoman.  As I packed up the last items in my room to move to our new digs, I grabbed the ball with one hand and some posters with another.  I had three other wonderful friends that came to assist with the relocation program and they grabbed some other items to clear out the room.  We headed outside holding tightly to all of my precious valuables. 

Just as we walked out, I said that it would be really funny if the wind picked up and took my ball out to sea.  I must have been psychic, but that’s exactly what happened!  I was in shock and could just watch in amazement, but two of my friends went chasing after it as far as they could safely go.  It went down a big hill and onto the Ice Pier.  The wind and my ball played pinball and I seemed to be losing!  Then the ball rolled past Hut Point and towards the Ice Runway (yes, where the planes take off).  I immediately called the firehouse to alert them of such craziness, just in case there was a takeoff soon.  After they got done laughing hysterically, they said thanks for letting them know and that they would keep an eye out for it.  I politely asked if the ball was indeed found, if I could get it back.  They chose not to comment on that, but just laughed instead. 

My friends and I watched from inside my new home.  The ball went past the runway and headed out towards the open water.  It was a very sad few minutes.  I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.  I had become so attached to that darn ball for the last two years and it was just ripped from my possession.  Although I never used it to exercise, it provided a great use to Linda, my friends, and myself.

Now, I imagine that the ball is somewhere farther north being used by penguins and seals to play volleyball near some beautiful beach.  Either that or it will be frozen in some chunck of ice only to be found in 50 years as a sign of life from the past.

Crazy times down here!


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