Manicure @ Medical

18 Sep

As you may or may not have heard, “Antarctica is a harsh continent.” 

That’s an ongoing saying that pops up from season to season. It’s more of a sarcastic comment to say in response to anyone complaining down here since there are so many wonderful things about this place.  No, it’s not paradise and it’s not perfect, but we have some amazing opportunities to be grateful for.   The following is another example of such.

On my last day off, I headed to Medical to have a persistent problem checked out.  Since I arrived down here three seasons ago, I have developed a split nail on my thumb.  There is a big split down the nail that gets worse as the season goes on and attempts to heal when I am stateside.  It’s a vicious cycle that I have learned to accept. 

Since arriving this season, my nail kept catching on various materials causing excruciating pain  (really!) and causing me to let out expletives.  I gave it a few weeks and with no relief I headed over to Medical. 

I felt a bit strange as this was not something I would normally see a doctor for if I were at home and it was so minor.  The Medical office was bare and no one was losing a limb or bleeding out, so I felt a bit better and justified. 

After explaining to the doctor my ‘issue,’ he told me how to take care of it (cut it down until the crack has grown out) and that it would slowly grow to heal itself.  Then he offered to take care of it for me, right there and then.  (It must have been a slow day.)  I felt so ‘cared for.’  He went in search of a nail clipper and nail file.  He then proceeded to give me a mini manicure.  No, he didn’t massage my hand or soak and trim my cuticles, but he cut my nail and filed away the bad parts. 

No photos are available as my nail is still healing and the photos would not be very exciting.  But so far, my nail feels much better and the healing process has begun. 

I wonder if I can schedule another mini manicure in two weeks as it slowly grows out and I have other nails in need of a trim?


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