The seasons first ‘OBLOOP’

17 Sep

Observation Hill is one of the hills in the area for climbing up or walking around.  Not fully aware of what the weather conditions would bring on the afternoon of Rosh Hashanah, I decided to walk around Observation Hill rather than up it.  This trail is called ‘Obloop.’  It’s a 3 mile steady climb.  It takes you around amazing views of McMurdo Station, the nearby mountains, and Scott Base (the New Zealand base a few miles down the road).

So Linda and another friend of ours, Jessica, headed out after lunch time for a nice jaunt around Obloop.  The weather was incredible.  It was a balmy -17 degrees F, but almost no wind.  We saw some glimpses of the sun (and they were just beautiful!  Remember that the sun has not been around lately.) and saw georgous views of the neighborhood.

As we began our trek...Linda and Jessica with an amazing backdrop of the mountains. Notice the clear blue sky and cold noses!

Linda and I...a bit farther on the trail and a bit warmer. But don't be alarmed about how much 'larger' I appear with my Big Red on. It adds quite some pounds and remember, it's there for warmth, not fashion!


It was nice to be out walking around areas that are away from town and to remember why this place is so amazing.  This was just the first of many hikes to come.


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