Another Penthouse Suite

14 Sep

This years accomodations have surpased my expecations and I am really living like a king. 

Linda and I are fortunate enough to be assigned to the largest room in the building and it even has TWO windows.  (More opportunity to shed more light in the room with the 24 hours of daylight that we soon be upon us.) 

We are living in Building 201 AKA ‘2-0-Fun,’ the same dorm from my first season on The Ice.  It brought back lots of good memories.   We are in room 212; the top floor (okay, there are only two floors), corner room with much more leg room.

We are now settled and have rounded up some good accessories to compliment the natural decor of the room (AKA the white sterile walls).  This year we are fortunate to have a reading area, entertainment zone, bedroom, and kitchen.  We have much more space and it finally feels like we are not living on top of each other.   I can almost do a cartwheel.  Haven’t yet tried that, but it’s on my To Do list for the season.

Here are some photos of this years pad:

My bedroom...notice the same 'Starry Night' poster from previous seasons. It's a good reminder of the night sky that I miss so much.


Linda's bedroom. The chair that is shown is the sitting area that faces the entertainment zone (TV above Linda's wardrobe). If you look closely, you can even spot Antarctic Barbie. She had to join us again this year.

The kitchen with stocked shelves.


The reading area. There is nice mood lighting from an Oriental paper lamp hung from the ceiling and a nice pillow for proper back and/or neck support.


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