Back again…

1 Sep

I am back to McMurdo Station to endure another six months of amazing views, great people, and wonderful adventures.

Pretty cool, huh?

I arrived to The Ice on Tuesday, August 17th as scheduled. I was on the third of three night flights for Winfly. The military are ‘practicing’ their Night Vision Glasses/Goggles. I was happy that we weren’t the first of the three practice flights. Although these were practice, I’d heard that these were the first flights with passengers. The was practice flights last season were with cargo only. The flight went extremely well and very fast. Very little turbulence and great inflight entertainment! We arrived in less than five hours. It was pretty cool to arrive in complete darkness at 5pm.

Unloading the pax...

As usual, we were greeted by Winter folk that may or may not have been happy to see us. Keep in mind we were happy, tan, and had consumed lots of fresh produce lately. I am sure some were not enthused. Regardless, we were transported from Pegasus Runway to the station to sit for another hour and listen to the arrival briefing.

After than I was greeted by my faithful and wonderful roommate Linda. She came in on the first ‘practice’ flight a few days earlier. She’d already prepared the room, made my bed and started decorating. I was so pleased to hear that. It’s almost as if I have a personal assistant.

We bonded the first night. talked a little smack, and caught up on things. It was a great day over all and although I can’t believe I am back AGAIN, it feels comfortable (eerily comfortable!).


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