Step aside Starbucks, McMurdo Coffeehouse is rocking!

2 Nov

Even though I am in a new position and am working odd and crazy hours, I decided to pick up a second job. I figured that a little moonlighting would keep me on my toes.

There are not too many options for this type of work and especially a job that would accomodate my changing schedule. My options were to be a bartender at either of the two bars, a barista at the Coffeehouse/Wine Bar or be one of the distributors of movies and alcohol in the station store. I thought the Coffeehouse/Wine Bar had the most potential.

The Coffeehouse is a great place to be; either working or just hanging out. It’s got this great atmosphere where you feel warm (mentally and physically) to just socialize or grab a good book and read in a corner.

I am working one night per week and have already identified the ‘regulars.’ The dress code is very casual and with great music and the smell of coffee and wine, what could go wrong?

I started working the end of September and am slowly feeling that I have a good handle on all the coffee beverages. Opening the wine bottles (some fortunately are screw top) and pouring the wine is the easy part. And people that frequent the Coffeehouse are very relaxed and easy going that it makes me look forward to the one night a week I get the privilage to work.

And with the addition of my red curly locks, I am finding the tips are much more plentiful.

Here are some photos of the infamous McMurdo Coffeehouse:


Welcome to the McMurdo Coffeehouse!


This is the side room. There is something there every night; movies playing, open mic night, live music, etc.


Isn't it cozy?


One Response to “Step aside Starbucks, McMurdo Coffeehouse is rocking!”

  1. Dad November 3, 2009 at 2:20 am #

    Looks very comfortable, can you make me a carmel macciato for your mother.

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