Just call me red!

28 Sep

For awhile now, I’ve wondered if redheads really have more fun.
Being down in Antarctica I figured was a good place to test my hypothesis. I brought down some henna hair coloring, knowing that it’s a natural plant product and is only temporary.

I selected the cast of characters that would help me: Dawn (housing manager) and Linda (PM sous chef). We secured a hidden location (the community salon that is not yet up and running) and got to work.

I was very nervous and fearful that the end result would leave me with a carrot top. Would my skin coloring match the color of my new hair? Would I need a new wardrobe after this? So many questions I didn’t know the answers to and was very anxious. I decided to take the plunge anyway!

We met at the salon after dinner and got to work. Linda and Dawn did a great job reassuring me that it would look great. Linda also said that if it looks bad, we can just shave it all off. (Not so reassuring, but funny none the less!) And I would have five months for it to grow back.

The application and scalp massage.

The application and scalp massage.

Dawn did honors of applying the cream (henna cream is said to be more conditioning and not as drying as the powder) while Linda read the directions very clearly and carefully. Initially she started with the directions in Spanish. This didn’t help my comfort level. She shortly moved to the english version and rememberd that I eventually will be writing her evaluation. I got a great scalp massage throughout the entire application. It was a little spa for Marci.

I choose to keep my eyes close for most of the application; partly to be suprised and the other part, out of nervousness.

After the application, the three of us sat around and read some literature that was left in the salon. This included some old People magazines and a book on the wisdom by barbers and stylists. We were suprised and confused by some of the entry’s of this book, but it kept us entertained for the 35 minutes I let my hair ‘marinate’ in the copper colored henna cream.

The application was done and the nerves set in.

The application was done and the nerves set in.

When it was time, Dawn carefully checked the status of how the color was working. She did a great job massaging my scalp and keeping me calm. At that point I realized that I couldn’t turn back now. It was a done deal.

She rinsed out my hair according to the directions Linda read and, voila! I had become a red head! It was initially shocking (and still is when I see myself in the mirror), but it looked great. I had picked a great product and great characters to assist.

I dried it and added some product (more to control the curls than anything else). We cleaned up and went on our merry little way.

The final result...red curly locks!

The final result...red curly locks!

It’s been a few days now and the response from people is GREAT! There is shock and confusion. There are some people questioning if something was different or now (mostly men…since they often didn’t notice these little things anyway). And many people really like the change. I’ve been called ‘Red’ a few times, but it’s done with a genuine smile, so it’s okay.

I will monitor the progess and level of ‘fun’ I have as the color gradually washes out and fades naturally. I will keep you all posted regarding the theory of red heads having more fun or not.

Happy smiling faces after an evening of nerves!

Happy smiling faces after an evening of nerves!


One Response to “Just call me red!”

  1. Cousin Karen September 30, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    Love, love, love reading about all your adventures! We’re living vicariously through you!! A Happy and healthy New Year and we look forward the the next chapters.

    Hugs and Love,
    Cousins Jack and Karen

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