It was so cold, I froze my eyeballs!

9 Sep

Again, I am not the photographer, but this picture really speaks for itself!

Again, I am not the photographer, but this picture really speaks for itself!

So, you probably imagine that Antarctica gets pretty cold most of the year. And yes, that would be a safe assumption. This past week, I had the wonderful experience of realizing just how cold it could be.

Most of last season and the first days of this season were relatively fine; meaning -25 to -35 below zero and the winds were bearable. And although some of you may shrug and grimace, that’s average and I could be fine in that with proper outer wear.

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing VERY, VERY, VERY cold Antarctic temperatures. For a few days, it was colder at McMurdo with the windchill than it was at the South Pole. We saw temperatures of -85 below zero with the wind chill (and a few hours when it was even colder) and maneuvered safely through it (for purposes of work only-recreation is not allowed in these conditions).

Some of my fond memories were leaving work all bundled up with the proper attire and it was so cold, my runny nose became snot-cicles and I really belive that my eyeballs froze. I am not sure if that is even possible, but it sure felt like it.

Not crying over spilled milk:
Another funny story, I was leaving the dining area with a covered cup (or so I thought) of soy milk for my hot chocolate later that night. In the short 4-minute walk outside from the dining area to the door of my dorm, my milk spilled within my big red pocket and froze. When I got up to my room and starting to unload the milk, my coat, etc, I noticed these dime sized white spots all over my gloves…it was frozen milk! It was one of the strangest sights I’d seen in a while. I would’ve tried to capture this sight on film, but they started to melt right away by the time I figured out what they were. It was confirmed by tasting them, so I was glad it was just milk. Lesson learned: either wrap better or don’t transport milk in these conditions.

Well, that was last week and the weather has warmed up. Yesterday there was even a high of +5 above zero. It was like a heat wave. So, wherever you may be reading this, enjoy your temperatures and be careful with how you transport milk!


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