McMurdo…Season II

27 Aug

Thanks to Annette for the warm fleece or my head/neck would be an icicle!

Thanks to Annette for the warm fleece or my head/neck would be an icile!

For those of you who do not know yet, I have returned to McMurdo Station.  Yes, I am in for another fun-filled year of 24 hour sunlight and somewhat cold weather. 

Over the summer I worked in the Denver office and took a promotion as the Chef.  I worked diligently (atleast most of the time) to hire a great crew and prepare myself for my upcoming kitchen adventures.

I left Denver on Sunday, August 16th for an exicting and long day of travels to make it to the beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.  I over indulged in food (as anyone there should) and took in a few sights.  It’s just as beautiful as it was a few months ago, but a little colder since it’s the end of their winter.  As I have said before, it would be an incredible place to live.

The flight left for McTown on Sunday, August 22 from Christchurch.  I had great seats thanks only to Linda (previous coworker and NZ traveling pal).  She found us spots in airline seats that recline.  It made the 5 hour flight much more comfortable. The only issues we found with the great airline seats were the tremendous wind storm that was continuously blowing on us for 3 1/2 hours. It forced me to lay all of my coats (fleece and big red) over my entire body, face included, to keep from catching a cold and get some rest. Yes, I the photo is really what I looked like. Compliments to Linda for being the photographer of this crazy thing!

We safety arrived in Antarctica around noon and headed into town.  It was a balmy -24F  with winds up to 12 mph.  I recall the weather better last year, but it was actually colder.  This year the wind was not so refreshing.  It really took your breath away. 

We had a scenic (all white) ride into town and after our arrival briefing and picking up our luggage, I settled in for the afternoon of unpacking and some rest. 

Here’s to a great season filled with happy and healthy coworkers and some great new adventures!


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