I took one for the team!

30 Nov

Since I had such a wonderful time playing the first round of dodgeball a few weeks ago, I decided to indulge again when my presence was requested by the same team, HOT BALLS.  They were one of the top two teams in the League currently. 

This time I was more prepared, both mentally and physically, or so I thought.

Since there was a few extras, I sat out the first game and eyed the opponents to find their strongest and weakest players.  I tried to identify their ‘stratagies’ and watch how they played.  The opposing team was the infamous Antarctic Fire House (not sure why they are infmous, but I might have an idea now!).

I joined in for the second game and had my ‘game face’ on (but not for long…).  I’d been practicing the dodging, the dipping, the ducking, and the diving, so I was much more confident in my dodgeball abilities.

Some fast dodgeballs came right away, but I was able to stear clear and stay safe.  I made it all the way until I was the last man standing.  It was one other guy from the Fire House and me.  I had thrown the few balls I had (unfortunately I’d missed him) and went to pick up another ball.  At that point, I wasn’t sure what strategy to do so I turned to my teammates looking for guidance and right at that point, I got tagged in the leg and the Fire House won game two. 

We started game three and I was all fired up and ready to kick some ___!  The whistle blew and we ran for control of the dodgeballs.  I wasn’t able to get one, but had my eyes wide open and ready to dodge at a moments notice.  I roved back and forth to be a moving target.  That seemed to work in the past.  Unfortunately when I began to duck a dodgeball coming from my left, I missed the OTHER DODGEBALL coming straight at me and it struck me right in the FACE!   Well, I didn’t die, no bones were broken and I could still talk okay, but I felt the wind knocked out of me and a little dizzy.  I heard lots of ooohhs and ahhhs and drifted slowly to the closest wall, fortunatly it was not more than a few feet. 

The game was immediately halted and everyone was very eager to help me and make sure I was okay.  I could still see even though tears were pouring down my face, not so much in pain, but in shock of the big hard rubber dodgeball striking me out of the blue.  Without any help, I slowly made my way off the court, while all spectators and players clapped.  I now know how professional sports players feel when they are injured and when the finally get up they get an ovation from the stadium crowd, well atleast sort of!  It was pretty cool to be cheered for.

I went to the bathroom and checked out my condition in the mirror.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The left side of my face (from my perspective) was red and puffy and a friend/fire house employee said she could still see my contact, so I thought I would be okay!  I would hate to have my contact lodged anywere that I couldn’t see let alone reach.  I can only imagine that wouldn’t be a fun procedure to have done, especially down here by the resident doctor that comes from a OB/GYN practice. 

When I returned from the bathroom the HOT BALLS had won the third game.  So not only did my face help take out one player (The rules state that if you peg someone in the face, you are automatically out), but I helped the team win the round that evening.  I was pretty excited.  You might even say that I ‘took one for the team!’

After the three games were over, lots of people checked on me and by then I was fine.  The guy that pegged my face felt really awful, but I knew it was just an accident.  I told him if I got a black eye from this I would hunt him down and we would have to renegotiate.

Rather than continuing my evening plans of attending a friends birthday party, I headed back to my room to ice my face, take two ibuprofen and head to bed. 

For the next two days I had a headache, but other than a little puffyness, I have fully recovered.  I would even consider playing dodgeball if asked again!


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