Did someone say Dodgeball?

24 Nov

Dodge, duck, dive, dip, dodge.

These were the words of wisdow I was given after I committed to play in the opening game of a dodgeball tournament.  It was a bit intimidating after hearing that line, but little did I know it could get WORSE! 

Some friends of mine (atleast I thought so initially.  I might be reconsidering this) peer pressured me to skip my already made plans and engage in a friendly game of DODGEBALL.  We met after dinner and I soon saw one of my friends/kitchen coworkers strap on a pair of BIG safety glasses.  This terrified me.  And then, we began to watch the current game that was being played.  These people were serious  More serious than the movie.  There were dodgeballs flying very fast in the air and people were getting knocked out left and right.

I decided to stick it out for the night and have since become an alternate for this team.  It was five others and myself and we initially ‘warmed up.’  I didn’t know there was need to ‘warm up’ for dodgeball, but I guess it’s good to prepare for getting pegged by a fast moving, not so soft balls.  As my teammates stretched and moved odd parts of their bodies in very strange ways, I just copied what they did.  I didn’t want to look like the odd duck!  I threw the ball a few times against the target on the wall and tried to look like I knew what I was doing.  I don’t recall ever warming up during gym class in elementary school when we played this and I don’t remember that my young friends put on there ‘game face’ for this sport.  What had I got myself into?

Then it was GAME TIME!  We reviewed the rules with the referee (yes there were two refs) and the whistle blew.  I didn’t realize that this game actually had rules let alone referees and whistles.  The rules are taking directly from the American Dodgeball Association of America and I guess that’s what we follow down here in these parts. 

The dodgeballs started flying immediatly after we all ran to the center line to claim control of the dodgeballs.  I quickly realized that I could dodge very well.  I dodged.  I ducked.  I dived, but only a little.  And I dipped.  I also quickly realized that I couldn’t throw to save my life.  So after the other four men on my team were out from being hit by a flying dodge ball or the other team catching our dodgeball, it was only the two strong women that survived, (I find that strangly curious) Alice and myself, and the one female opposing player.  Knowing that both Alice and I couldn’t throw so well, we tried to strategize on how we could possibly win.  During that time, I got hit.  It was a low blow, but it worked.  I guess we took too long to calculate our plan.  Then it was just Alice and one woman from the other team.  The other woman left was a pro that was carried over from another team since they needed to play with atleast one female.  Alice tried her best to stay in the game and gave it a good ‘ol college try, but eventually got hit.  We both agreed that we need to improve our throwing skills before the next game!  A dodgeball player can’t survive along on dodging, ducking, diving, dipping AND good looks!

We played four more games and won all of them.  I was able to remain until the last two people for each round.  I felt like I could survive the pressure and stress even if I couldn’t throw so well.  I got a few jabs in, but what usually got me out was when another player caught my dodgeball. 

I helped the team start off the season with a win!  I was extremely pleased.  I am not sure if I will get the opportunity to play again with this team, but definitly enjoyed my first experience with playing with the pros!  What a night!


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