Marci Darci enjoys a Saturday night…in spirit!

3 Nov

I have been given the nickname ‘Marci Darci’ from a winter-over and it just seemed to stick.  So since I was (no longer doing this anymore) working the Mid Rats shift (stands for Midnight Rations) working from 8pm until 6am, I was going to miss a very exciting and fun filled Saturday night.  It was one of the first weekends of main body (when there are loads of people here and the station is getting closer to full capacity).  There was going to be live bands playing at the bar, lots of fun and entertainment, and one of the last weekends for a lot of winter-over people.  I was a little bit sad I was not going to be a part of such festivities.

I had a new friend of mine, Rachel, a winter-over, have a great idea of how I could celebrate the evening in spirit.  She took a sharpie, drew my curly hair on her fingers, my face on the palm of her hand and my name on the bottom of her hand by her wrist.  This way, she could hold up her hand during the celebration and I could be there in spirit.  I even got a full run down at the conclusion of the evening about how much fun I had enjoyed.  I was glad that I could be a part of the fun when the rest of the community partied!

The following are a few photos of how much I enjoyed the evening.  I even met and made new friends while I was out (in spirit)!

Here is B. Nelson and Marci-Darci in spirit.

Here is B. Nelson and Marci-Darci in spirit.

Katie & Marci Darci

Katie & Marci Darci

Alice, Rachel, and Marci Darci

Alice, Rachel (the inventor of this whole deal, and Marci Darci


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