It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Best of Times

28 Oct

As a typical day goes, I get dressed for work, put on Big Red and head to Building 155.  I take off my coat and put in the SAME spot and then head to the kitchen.  I work, work, work and then plan to head home to sleep.  I go over the cubby where I have consistently left Big Red and it was GONE!  GONE! 

I was so distraught!  I felt like I had been violated and didn’t know what to do. 

I couldn’t report a theft.  Who would I even report this to? 

I took a few deep breaths and started perusing the other coats for my name.  Since they all (or most) look alike, I searched the name badge on the front and tried to do this calmly.  It was very challenging not to go postal right away.

Since it’s around 7am, most of the community is coming in for breakfast or leaving the dining area to head to their work centers.  There was a great deal of movement and chaos in MY cubby!  I was trying very hard to deal.

I continued searching and searching and even headed back to the kitchen to see if maybe I left it there and forgot.  I usually have kept my coat in the cubbies since the coat starts to smell like a kitchen (you all know how bad that can be) if I have left it in the back for a few shifts.   No such luck.

Feeling optimistic, I checked the cubby once more and still no success.  I felt so naked!

I headed back to my dorm, coatless, yes coatless.  Fortunately it was not that cold or windy and I just tucked my bare hands in my armpits for warmth.  I might have looked a little big odd, but it worked.  I made it home pretty quickly and only had cold ears when I arrived at my dorm.  It’s nice that all the buildings are pretty close.

As usual, I got into my room and went to sleep.  I tried to relax and not think about my loss.  Okay, maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but I have gotten really close to my coat over the last two months.

I got up and decided to head to the gym to clear my mind in the hopes my Big Red would reappear.  Either that or the person that wanted to borrow it was through with it and would want to return it.  I stopped by MY cubby and lo and behold… my Big Red was safely returned to it’s original spot, and yes, my great gloves (the warm, fuzzy-lined, sent by the Long Island Bufferds gloves, sunglasses, and ear warmers were there just as I had left them.   I felt so relieved and pleased.  I didn’t even ponder where it went or why it was gone. 

I was secretly hoping that whoever borrowed it for the short time would leave me a quick note of apology for what they’d done.  That didn’t happen.  Oh well, I guess I will always wonder!  Somethings in life are there for us to question, right?

So, wearing Big Red, I headed to the Gerbil Gym very excited about my new find.  I hopped on the treadmill and started running.  After a  few minutes, I grabbed my workout towel (the one my parental units sent recently in an AWESOME package) and got THE BEST smell in the world…


I am not sure if it was my home or my parents home, but it was the best scent I have smelled in a very long time.  It was such a great feeling to be connected back to my life in Colorado by just a scent. 

This made my day! 

For the rest of the workout and during the rest of the day, I would stop and smell my towel.  I even placed it on my pillow when I returned to my room in hopes that my pillow could smell so wonderful! 

So as you are reading this and following along with my adventures, over the next few days, don’t forget to take a few moments to stop and just smell the life around you.  It might not always be the best scents (ie: the gym, taking out the trash, dog poop, etc.), but it’s home!


One Response to “It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Best of Times”

  1. Thesala October 29, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    What a wonderful thing it is to be put back in to perspective. Just as I am sitting here pist off because I had to wake up at the crack of dawn thanks to Theo’s alarm and inability to get out of bed without me pushing him out. You made me realize how nice indeed it is to be surrounded by the sounds and smells (no matter how irritating they may be ie. LOUD ALARMS, poopy diapers, the sound of your name “Momma” a thousand time)of home. Thank you for your beautiful writing and for my inspiration today.:)

    P.S. Everyone else especially Theo thank you too. I am glad that you got your coat back and I am proud of how you handled the situation. (I know spoken just like a mother:) The pictures of Antartica are just beautiful. I can’t wait to read more soon.

    Lots of warm fuzzies from me.

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