Oy, I’ve Got A Migrane In My Left Cheek!

30 Sep

September 9:  Well, as things go, I was going planning to go to the Gerbil Gym and start my day with a great workout.  I was feeling a bit lazy and chose to wear my clogs (great nonslip for the kitchen, not so much for the ice and anywhere else on this continent!).  I bundled up and headed out.  The Gerbil Gym is not so far of a walk, but I didn’t make it too far.  I found a nice little angled patch of ice and slid nicely right onto my left cheek.  No, not my face, the other end! 

After taking a second to catch my breath again, I looked around to see if anyone was watching (this was quite embarrassing!).  Seeing no one, I moved very slowly, keeping in mind that I could have really damaged something or reinjure my back, I shed a few tears in pain and maneuvered myself back on both feet.  I guessed that nothing was broken since it all still moved and I made the executive decision that I was not meant to workout this morning.  This was a higher power trying to signal to me that any cardio today would not be a wise choice.  I headed back to my room (and the three flights of stairs were AWFUL!  I got back into bed and rested for a little.  Since it was still pretty early, I thought I could take it easy this morning and see how I felt.  I got up and showered (another really hot, hot, hot shower-thinking the heat might make me feel better) and got ready for work.  As I was getting ready I felt so much pain, but figured I could wait it out.  I read my book and watched TV then decided that I should stop by the doc’s office for him to check it out, just in case.  I didn’t really want to visit any doctors THIS early on my trip, but I guess I could get this out of the way now! 

I entered the McMurdo General Hospital, unloaded my coat, scarf, gloves, etc. and checked in.  I didn’t realize, but it was the doc that I was talking with.  I filled out a little sign in form and he took me back to the room.  It looked a lot like an ER room, but much smaller.  It was a bit intimidating for such a little incident.  I explained the story and how I was currently feeling.  My best explanation was that it felt like I had a migraine in my left cheek.  Since I thought that was pretty witty, I used that line several times to share this story with others!  The doc checked me out (yes, he felt my left cheek) and concluded that I would be fine.  I would probably have a very large bruise for a long time, but if I was feeling better each day, I would be fine.  He did joke that “working out would kill ya!”  I guess it’s required to have a sense of humor to work down here. 

Feeling relieved (emotionally, but not physically), I headed in for work.  I communicated how successful my morning had been and although we both giggled a bit, she hoped I felt better.  My migraine lasted the remainder of the day and I decided that I would take it easy for the next few days! 

The following day my migraine was downgraded to a pounding headache, but I had spotted a HUGE black and blue mark the about 1 1/2 times the size of my hand and a nice sized goose egg in my left cheek.  I was kind of shocked, but I guess this is part of the healing process!  Over the next few days, my pain was downgraded to just a plain headache and then finally just a bruise.  I had kept tabs on the bruise conditions to make sure it was getting better.  There were all sorts of pretty colors and designs.  I even took some photos to commemorate the event. 

The bruise is still here today (two weeks later, September 30) and decreasing by the day.  It’s been quite a site to see everyday, but I am happy now to say that it’s just the size of my palm and I am feeling it less and less each day. 

These are the events that will help me remember my times here!


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