McGeyvor is my roommate

30 Sep

Talie, my wonderful roommate (temporary though), had invited me to a soiree she was hosting.  She was going to be teaching people how to make a camping stove out of a Pepsi can.  Sounds fun, right?  Here’s how it went down!

After work, I headed to this educational experience.  Yes, I am not sure when I could use this knowledge, but you never know.

Since I was a little late leaving work, I missed the demo and just caught the end explaination of how to do this.  I caught on very quickly by talking with my new friends as well as watching for a while.

So, step one is to cut two soda cans using a razor blade and a hardcover book for a flat even sized shape (We used one guiness and one soda because it was supposed to be easier.  It wasn’t!).

Next, fit one can into the other without ripping either one.  This was the hard part!  I worked on this for about 25 minutes and then needed Talie to come and help.  If I continued doing this, I think I was going to go postal!  I wasn’t the only one with issues, everyone was struggling.  I am not sure how they did it, but I had the teachers’ help! 

Talie got one inside the other and not the fun continued! We had to poke one larger hole in the direct center, four smaller ones surrounding the large center hole, and about 10-12 around the outside.  The hole in the middle was to let air in and the four surronding that plus the outside holes were to allow the flames to heat the pan or whatever you were cooking.  The key to this whole thing was how we made the holes.  Talie had rigged up a thumb tack into a drill and we used it to drill holes into our stoves!  It was such a McGeyor move!

Now the fun part started!  We filled the can with ‘fuel.’  We were using antifreeze from one of the work centers.  Next, you set the can in a small pan with a little lip that is lightly covered with a little more fuel (this is to help light the stove).  You light the fuel on the small pan and in about 30-45 seconds the ‘stove’ is lit and the fuel on the pan has all dried up.  The flames come out all of the holes and you can actually heat food.  We were able to boil water.  We used a small camping pot, but boiling water is boiling water. 

The next class is going to be how to make the stand to hold the pot safely above the stove.

Side view of my homemade Pepsi can stove

Side view of my homemade Pepsi can stove. I know, it's pretty impressive!

Top view of my homemade Pepsi Can stove

Top view of my homemade Pepsi Can stove

So, the lessons learned from this…

1.  When you are stranded in the woods, you can make a Pepsi can stove if you have: a razor blade, a hardcover book, two soda cans (beer will work as well),   a drill, a thumbtack, antifreeze, matches, a small lipped pan, the Pepsi can stove stand, and a camping pot. 

2.  My roommate Talie is MyGeyvor.  She has all of these ways to rigg things and make them work without actually using traditional methods.

3.  Be very careful with a razor blade!  They can cut skin (especially dry and chapped).

4.  You can make just about anything down here.

In conclusion, I have realized that my roommate is awesome!  I have known this since day one and we went to the gym at 5am, but tonight I realized that not only is she an awesome person, she’s got unique talents that can transcend continents!

I told you all that I am meeting great people!


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