Lesson Learned: Don’t eat the PB&J!

30 Sep

I was craving a PB&J sandwich and realized that there is always a supply of breads, peanut butters, and jellies.  Since I picked up a banana from the serving line, I figured I could be creative and make a PBJ&B; peanut butter, jelly, and bananas.  Doesn’t that sound great!

I made my sandwich and was really excited.  I got a glass of soy milk and sat down with my coworkers for family meal.  They all warned me that the PB was a little bit old and didn’t taste so good, but I was set on this fine sandwich I had concocted.  I took the first bite and was extremely disappointed!  The PB was old and tasted really funky and the jelly was not like any other jelly I have had before.  The banana was great and I attempted to eat as much as I could and not waste too much food.  I was able to finish about half of it and figured that rest could help fill the food waste bin tonight!

So, the moral of the story:  When your coworkers warn you that something is ‘no bueno’ (no good for those of you who don’t know Spanish), steer clear away from it! 



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