Day Two (but day one in the kitchen!) and the Carp Party!

30 Sep

No, I am not going to label each day with a number.  I just thought it would work for the first and second days!

I got up early with Talie and good intentions of going to the Gerbil Gym.  Instead, my body told me otherwise and I stayed in my warm bed and relaxed.  I leisurely got up and got ready for work .  This was first day of work today and I wanted to be really prepared!  I picked out my whitest coat and nicest used chef pants and I headed in around 10:15am.  I started the shift by chatting with the crew I was working with; Shane, Francis, and Eric.  Our first task was eating lunch.  I know it sounds tough, but I mustered through it and made it!  I could tell that I could get used to this schedule pretty easily. 

During my first shift, I got acquainted with the kitchen, where everything was, the little systems that are in place to work more productively, etc..  Althought the kitchen is pretty small (1/3 of what I was used to at Ridgeview Academy), it was workable.  There was great equipment and all the tools I could think of.  All was going really well throughout the afternoon and I was learning a great deal about how to take old (some really old, and some really frozen) and make it taste like five star food.  This was challenging, but possible! 

During the afternoon, the newbies (Linda, Eric, Leon, and myself) met with Angie and Jennifer and reviewed a few other training points.  We ate AGAIN and then finished our shift with dinner service and some final cleaning details.  Overall, it was a great first day.  All the kitchen staff were really helpful and friendly, not always typical for a kitchen!  I know the work will get more challenging, but it was a great first day and I look forward to the next few months.

To top off my great day of sleeping in and working, tonight was the ‘Carp Party,’  a party held in the carpenters shop with adult beverages, food, live bands, etc.   After working all day, I cleaned up and headed there with Talie and Linda.  It was pretty amazing that people could turn a carpenters shop into a party zone.  We hung out for awhile and chatted with our newly made friends and enjoyed the music and company.  There was a lot of drinking and a great deal of happy people.  It was another side of being down here I hadn’t thought about.  It was a nice party and a great way to end a saturday night.  Since most people work town hours, monday thru saturday, 730-530, they all had sunday off and this was a great way to spend their saturday evening.


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