Christmas in September

30 Sep

It was such a great day!  It felt like Christmas (actually Hannukah, but I want to be all inclusive!) 

As I have been getting settled in my temporary room, I was contemplating about the packages I sent from Denver before I left and thinking how I could use some of the things. 

I checked my email and recieved a message saying that I had mail in the mailroom.  I was pretty impressed that I got a personal message inviting me to visit the mailroom for special presents!  I headed to the mailroom (It was in a separate building and up a little hill.  It was a nice walk though.  Slow with my left cheek kind of lagging behind, yes, I said behind!) and met Kathy, this really sweet person who found two of my four boxes that I sent.  I was SO excited.  I wasn’t sure which they were, but happy to recieve them.  I was also a little worried about my tolietry supply since it was slowly dwindling and I didn’t want to have to buy stuff from the bookstore!  Kathy (my new best friend) told me that the other boxes would probably not arrive until the next flights in October and maybe not even then with all of the other more important cargo.  Someone obviously didn’t realize how significant my tolietries were!  I understood and figured I would be suprised when they arrived.  What more could I do?

I thanked Kathy and was on my way!  As I was halfway home, I heard this boisterous screaming coming from the hill.  It was Kathy saying that my other two packages were here!  I was so excited, I was jumping up and down (yes, with the other two boxes in my hands still!)  I first dropped off the inital boxes and then headed up the hill (with much more excitement this time) to get the other two.

When I arrived back to my temporary home, I just tore open all of my boxes and was so excited!  Even though I was the one who packed and sent them, it was like someone sent me great gifts!  It was really Hannukah in September!


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