Chin-e Day (prounced chai-knee day) or the Day of Redemption

30 Sep

So I woke up refreshed and willing to go to work and show my face.  I was prepared for as much sarcasim and flack due to my memorable day the day before.  I really just wanted to move on and get over the whole potato day. 

It was chinese day today, aka chin-e day.  This is usually a popular day and the community likes this meal.  I was able to redeem my culinary skills and have an outstanding day.  I made an awesome beef stirfry and even received a few compliments!  I was back!  I have officially gotten over my potato day (But I will never willingly make au gratin potatoes again, here or elsewhere.  I may even never eat them again as well!)  If you would like to support my ban of these horrid things, please feel free the shar the details!

I had another breakthrough here.  I figured out how to maneuver the TV channels.  After some research and questioning the veterans, I have concluded that there are two movie channels (programmed by someone here on base), an AFN channel (armed forces network), two for McMurdo, posting pertinent info about what’s going on in the community (they also list the weather and traveling conditions, the BBC channel, and a few other channels that show random NZ or USA shows.  It was another accomplishment that I really needed after yesterday. 

I feel that I am starting to become adjusted to life here.  I have slowly fallen into my routine and am finding that this life away from the world is not so bad, temporarily.  It’s a good thing I have five more months to enjoy the easy street!  I feel like I am on a working vacation.  I will need to, at some point, prepare for my re-entry into society and and become acquainted with the real world again.  That won’t be until atleast January!


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