13 Sep

Several of you had requested a mailing address for the purposes of snail mail.  Mail here is a little different, but it will get to me eventually. 

If you would like to send anything, here is the address:

Marci Levine, NANA

McMurdo Station

PSC 469 Box 700

APO, AP 96599

Currently, there are not any planes (thus no mail) until September 30.  That’s when the ‘main body’ will start to arrive by the…(wait for it)…HUNDREDS, yes, that’s HUNDREDS of people.  I have been told that our currently popluation of about 330 will increase to approximatly 1000 over one and a half weeks.  The planes will carry people and cargo, but science cargo is priority over mail, flat and package. 

My email address if you are interested in sending any electonic email is

Thanks in advance for any mail (electronic or snail) that you choose to send.  It’s like a little touch of home!


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