12 Days Left

19 Aug

As I promised, more frequent postings, so here I go.  This morning I received confirmation of my hotel in Christchurh.  I will be staying at the Windsor B&B.  If you would like more details regarding my luxury suite (I hope!), you can check it out at http://www.windsorhotel.co.nz/I hope to be pampered and take several baths as there are not any tubs on The Ice. 

Travel Arrangements:

My flight leaves Denver Sunday afternoon, August 31 to stop over in LA and then head to Auckland, New Zealand arriving on Tuesday, September 2 in the very early morning.  Yes, it’s  going to be a long day of sitting on the plane watching the clouds go by.  As some of you may know, this is my only real concern, the 13+ hour flight from LA to Auckland.  Any suggestions you have to make the best of my flying time, please don’t hesitate to share! 

We will be processed through customs and then one more flight that takes us to Christchurch later that morning.  We then head to our hotels for the next day and a half to get acquainted with Christchurch and play around town.  Wednesday afternoon I am scheduled to pick up my ECW Gear (Extreme Cold Weather Gear-the really cool parka and bunny boots I have bragged about!) but the rest of the day is open. 

Depending on the weather, we will head out to The Ice on Thursday very early in the morning.  I have been told that the flight is anywhere from 5-8 hours and if the weather doesn’t allow a safe arrival, we return to Christchurch to try again the next morning. 

Then the real adventure begins!


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