What’s up…

17 Jun

Well, 10 1/2 weeks to go…

I am currently PQ’d (physically qualified) and starting to complete all of my new hire paperwork. 

I am starting to pack.  Yes, I know, it’s a little early, but I am VERY excited!  I am thinking about all of the little things that I will need to bring like the conveniences of home that we all take for granted (ie: nail clippers, bandaids, notebook paper, etc.).  If you have any suggestions regarding packing or items you recommend I should take, please let me know.  Running down the street to the local grocery or department store will not be an option. 

Last week I had an opportunity to chat with my new supervisor.  He has informed me that my departure from Denver has been pushed back until the last week in August with an anticipated arrival date on ‘The Ice’ to be Septermber 4.  WOW…what a wierd statement to make! 

The Ice Party (my very, very early going away party) is coming along beautifully!  The menu is 99% set with the guest list slowly growing.  All of the home improvements are coming to fruition and looking great.    I never would have guessed that taking a new job (and leaving the country) would become such an ordeal.  It will be great to have everyone together.  I am glad that I can be the source of such a celebration!


2 Responses to “What’s up…”

  1. Lizzy June 17, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    Website looks fantastic Marci, I shall keep you on my desktop so I can read all your adventures.
    Love Lizzy xx

  2. Patricia July 12, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    Excellent set-up for your website. I look forward to all your pictures, stories and adventures!

    Patricia 🙂

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